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Dr. Jonathan Clemetson, DDS MS

Dr. Jonathan Clemetson is a graduate of Baylor  College of Dentistry where he obtained his DDS (2002) and MS (2010) in  Health Professions Education. He graduated from the University of North  Texas in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology (BSMT)  and is certified by The American Society of Clinical Pathologists  (ASCP).

Upon graduation from Baylor his awards included: Senior  Student Research Award, Baylor College of Dentistry General Dentistry  Program Award, Warren Parker Community Dentistry Award, American  Association of Public Health Dentistry Award, Academy of Dental  Materials Award, American Association of Dental Research Award and Texas Dental Association Dental Research Award.

After  Dental school, Dr. Clemetson was accepted to the much-heralded General  Practice Residency (GPR) program at St. Anthony Hospital in Oklahoma  City, Oklahoma. His residency equipped him with vital information  including but not limited to didactic training in taking and  interpreting medical history, physical diagnosis, pharmacology of agents  used, stages of consciousness to unconsciousness, patient monitoring,  managing systemic emergencies and prevention.

The curriculum  included more than 160 hours of operating room anesthesia rotation,  learning various modes of airway management, circulatory management,  pharmacology and multiple methods of providing conscious sedation in  general anesthesia; rotations in the emergency department learning to  manage systemic emergencies, wound management and other emergency  procedures. Other rotations included pathology, radiology, general  medicine, oral surgery, and general surgery/anesthesia. He has current  certifications in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Advanced  Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).

He is licensed and certified in the  states of Texas and Oklahoma to perform IV conscious (parenteral) and  enteral general dentistry cases. Dr. Clemetson also performs general  dentistry operating room cases for patients with special needs. He holds  memberships in many professional dental and non-dental organizations.  He sits on the Peer Review Committee of the Dallas County Dental  Society.

Dr. Clemetson is currently a Clinical Assistant  Professor in the Diagnostic Sciences Department at Baylor College of  Dentistry. He is also an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Student  Development and Biomaterials Sciences.

Dr. Clemetson believes in  providing exceptional quality general dentistry to all his patients  including patients with special needs including those with severe dental  phobias.

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